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The Good Good and responsive control system. Different weapon fighting styles from the beginning. Huge amount of weapon combos to be learnt.

The Bad Some lengthy and frustrating boss fights.

The Bottom Line Conan the barbarian is exactly that -- a barbarian -- so you shouldn’t expect anything less than a blood and gore filled hack-and-slash.

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7.3 Overall

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Conan the barbarian is exactly that -- a barbarian -- so you shouldn't expect anything less than a blood and gore filled hack-and-slash action adventure game.

Master the devastating finishing moves which will usually consist of dismembering your foe.

As Conan you are on a quest to ultimately defeat the evil wizard known as Graven, who is infecting the land of Hyboria with a plague known as the Black Death. The only way you can face Graven is with your missing armour, currently scattered around the Black Death-infected lands and guarded by demon bosses.

It isn't a completely mindless button-mashing experience, however. Yes there are small and easily crushed enemies, but you will face challenging enemies more often than not. There are tiny puzzles to complete during the game, but never any that will be entirely mind boggling.

There are a variety of different weapon fighting styles to use right from the beginning of Conan. This is because your enemy's dropped weapons can be picked up and used whenever you like. Single-handed weapons deal powerful blows and can also be equipped with a shield for added blocking power. Dual-wielding swords and axes are fast, have lethal finishing moves, and are best for hacking through mobs of enemies. Two-handed weapons deal the most damage in single blows from an extended range, but at a slower rate. Therefore they are best for taking out shielded enemies and bosses, but not as effective on mobs of enemies. The beauty of Conan's weapon system is that mid-fight you can swap from dual-wielding to a two-handed sword on-the-fly.

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