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CM Storm Spawn review: CM Storm Spawn

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The control panel is easy enough to use, but is the usual overwrought affair, throwing design out of the window in order to vainly establish some sort of gamer cred. The usual stuff is here: angle snapping, pointer acceleration, polling rate, customised DPI settings and macros. We wouldn't bother with the macros, though, as they store a pitiful 10 entries — that's five key presses, counting both up and down stroke.

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Most companies haven't twigged yet that this sort of overwrought design doesn't necessarily mean "gamer".
(Screenshot by Craig Simms/CBSi)

Despite our concerns, in-game performance for the Spawn was quite good. The incredible lightness of the mouse complements the surprisingly good grip, with decent accuracy offsetting any balance issues that we picked up in Windows and application use.

The Spawn isn't terrible by a long shot — but in the hyper-competitive world of gaming mice, it's going to need a few more revisions before we recommend that you spend your hard-earned money on it.

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