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CM Storm Sentinel Zero-G review: CM Storm Sentinel Zero-G

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The Good Scripting capability is a good step in the right direction. CM Storm Tactics shows potential. Reasonable gaming performance. Free copy of Shattered Horizon.

The Bad Can only store on macro. Can only store 43 entries for that macro, equating to 21 key presses. Software needs more polish and bug fixing. DPI switching buttons aren't convenient. Weight "system" is a fiddly pain.

The Bottom Line CM Storm's Sentinel Zero-G is a work in progress, particularly from the software standpoint, but the hardware could do with some redesigning too. We're looking forward to seeing what Cooler Master comes up with next, once it's sat down and done some good, hard revision work on its existing mouse.

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7.0 Overall

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This is the Sentinel Zero-G, from CM Storm, Cooler Master's gaming wing. It's similar to its Sentinel Advance gaming mouse, but with 128KB storage instead of 64KB.

It's a long mouse with an inhaled grip, which gives the impression of it being quite thin. Above the scroll wheel is a profile-switching button, below it the DPI switchers in a horizontal configuration. This somewhat addresses the issue of placing them vertically, where the bottom button is much harder to reach than the top — but it's still not comfortable, nor can it be pressed quickly, removing the point of on-the-fly DPI switching in the first place.

There are two thumb buttons on the left, and an OLED display in the middle of the mouse. The Zero-G edition comes with a free copy of Shattered Horizon, and so for the most part the game's logo was displayed on the mouse when no actions were performed. If you're a competitive gamer, you can upload a monochrome bitmap of your logo, which will then become the default display.

The display will also tell you when you're switching profiles or DPI, although we must note this is entirely useless, as it will spend the majority of its time under your palm.

Under this is a grille that a blue light shines through, which along with two lights shooting out the front can be changed to six other colours, or turned off altogether. Aside from being permanently on, the lights can also be set to breathe (fade in and out) and rapid fire (the front-facing lights glow white when the mouse button is clicked).

Flip the mouse over, and there's a compartment storing five 4.5g weights. Calling it a weight "system" might be a bit kind, as the weight cylinders are just jammed into foam and are a pain to get in and out.

Loading the driver for the first time lets you choose between FPS or RTS optimisation; the former chooses low DPI settings, the latter higher. Cooler Master needs to do a lot of work on its control panel, as there are several features that are present with absolutely no explanation, and you'll need to dig through the manual included on the CD to figure them out.

Cooler Master needs to spend a lot of time polishing and bug fixing its control panel.
(Screenshot by Craig Simms/CBSi)

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