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The Good Well realised and realistic Roman setting. Good range of game modes and difficulty settings. Nifty map editor.

The Bad Hard to locate some building types. English accents of characters off putting.

The Bottom Line Hail Caesar! Civ City: Rome tasks you with raising a city worthy of the great Roman Empire.

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7.0 Overall

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Hail Caesar! Civ City: Rome (no, it's not the next Civilization game, but it does have the same publisher in 2K Games) tasks you with raising a city worthy of the great Roman Empire. There's plenty to build and achieve -- from palaces and colosseums for your citizens to forts and stone towers for your military, all while juggling the economy of a rapidly growing city.

Civ City: Rome is a real-time strategy game and, like others in the city building genre, has strong resemblances to SimCity. You start your city from scratch, and must build houses, wells, warehouses, goat farms and other constructs if you are to achieve what are usually resource-oriented goals.

Is that a tiny Russell Crowe in the arena?

Civ City: Rome is predominantly about resource management. There are some military scenarios, but most of your time will be spent trying to attain a certain level of housing for your citizens, a population requirement, or an amount of a particular good such as wheat. The developers have done well in including plenty of distinctly Roman culture and architecture. Julius Caesar, Cleopatra and Spartacus, among others, all make appearances at some point. Complementing this is the Civlopedia, a historical reference guide to the various aspects of Roman life included in the game. Players can click the Civlopedia at any time to learn and appreciate the different elements of Roman culture. This is only in the form of brief facts, however.

The only thing that distracts from the Roman authenticity is the perplexing use of English accents for the game characters. Granted, developer Firefly is an English company, and while we do acknowledge English probably wasn't the Romans' first language anyway, surely an Italian accent would've been more suitable? At times it's almost laughable to hear your 'Roman' call you "guv'nor".

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