The Chipolo Clip item tracker.

Josh Miller/CNET

I can't go more than a few minutes without losing something. Whether it's my wallet, phone, house keys or even sunglasses, I always seem to forget where I place them. I'm the perfect customer for an item tracker.

These small devices connect to your smartphone over Bluetooth and help you locate misplaced items. There are a variety of trackers to choose from that all have similar features, but most are designed to attach to your key ring or bag.


The Chipolo Plus.

Josh Miller/CNET

A company by the name of Chipolo, which claims to have the thinnest and loudest trackers on the market, has a different approach. The company offers three devices: the Plus, Clip and Sticker. All of them allow you to use a companion app to ping the tracker, which will emit a loud sound to help you find your items. You can also click on the tracker to ring your phone. Each tracker has a range of 200 feet, but also include a crowd GPS feature that uses other people's trackers to locate your missing items when outside of Bluetooth range.

Each of Chipolo's three trackers are slightly different in terms of design. The Plus model is primarily used for key rings and bags. It resembles similar devices from competitors TrackR and Tile, but Chipolo claims the Plus is the loudest tracker on the market. Meanwhile, the Clip, which Chipolo claims is the world's thinnest Bluetooth tracker, is a little thicker than a credit card and is designed primarily for wallets. Then there's the Sticker, which can be attached to the side of a camera or a pair of sunglasses.


The Chipolo Sticker.

Josh Miller/CNET

The downside with Chipolo's trackers is the battery. The Plus and Wallet will last up to 12 months, but the battery isn't user replaceable. You have to instead send the tracker back to Chipolo and then have the option to purchase a new one for half off. The Sticker will support a new wireless charging technology, called Wattup, from Energous.

The Chipolo Plus is available now for $25 (which roughly converts to £20 or AU$34). The Clip is slated to arrive this spring for an undisclosed price, while the Sticker is expected to arrive toward the end of the year.

Editors' note (January 9, 2017): This article has been updated to reflect that Chipolo's trackers have a Bluetooth range of 200 feet (an increase from the 60 feet originally reported).