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Channel Master DVR+
Sarah Tew/CNET

Channel Master released its newest OTA recorder early this year, and while it was well-received, it had one shortfall: it didn't come with a hard drive. While you can now buy the product bundled with an external drive, Channel Master has announced an integrated solution: the Channel Master DVR+ 1TB. As the name suggests this version comes with an onboard 1TB drive, and it will retail for $400.

Though it has an incorporated drive, the device keeps the same form factor as the original DVR+ and keeps the same functionality. The Channel Master DVR+'s biggest draw is that it records free over-the-air TV without any subscription fees, unlike TiVo . The DVR has dual-tuners, and based on editor Matthew Moscovciak's review it has excellent image quality.

Both units ships with support for Vudu and the company says it is working on rolling out further services by the end of the year. Sadly the upgraded unit also lacks integrated Wi-fi so you may need to shell out an extra $40 for a USB adaptor.

Is the Channel Master DVR+ 1TB worth the extra $150? Especially given that 1TB hard drives are had for $70 and less these days? If you want an integrated unit without the threat that the USB disk could get accidentally removed then it might be worthwhile.