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Casauri New Portfolio review: Casauri New Portfolio

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The Good Generously padded; lots of storage; soft-shell construction.

The Bad Too large for smaller laptops.

The Bottom Line Casauri's roomy New Portfolio seamlessly melds a briefcase and a laptop bag into one stylish unit. It provides ample padding to protect your laptop and has plenty of space and pockets for other workday essentials.

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8.3 Overall

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Casauri New Portfolio

This briefcase-and-laptop-carrying-case combo is anything but traditional. The Casauri New Portfolio is roomy enough for 17-inch laptops and lots of accessories, yet it isn't bulky. The heavily padded case provides stellar protection for your machine and is stylish to boot. Available for around $100, the New Portfolio is ideal for businesspeople or students who need to protect their laptop but who also need plenty of room for school or workday essentials.

Your laptop gets a section to itself in Casauri's New Portfolio. Both sides of this compartment are well padded, and an elastic band stretches the interior width of the bag to secure your laptop in place. The center section is also padded, and the many pockets, some with Velcro closures, make it ideal for laptop accessories, business files, or other workday essentials. The zipper of the center section goes three-quarters way around the bag, allowing the section to fold down, or if you prefer, you can fasten the two Velcro hinges to adjust how far the center section opens. This feature prevents the top from flopping down unexpectedly. Lastly, the front pocket features slots for cell phones, PDAs, and other business essentials. For the minimalists among us, the bag may have too much extra room, and owners of smaller laptops should look for a more appropriately sized carrying case.

The New Portfolio has a soft shell and is made of water-resistant polyester available in four colors: pink, kiwi, red, and navy. A removable shoulder strap and two padded top handles make the New Portfolio comfortable to carry whether you choose to use it as a briefcase or a shoulder bag.

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