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Canon Pixma MG8250 review: Canon Pixma MG8250

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Print speed and quality

If you make heavy use of your printer, then this model's fast print speeds will appeal; it won't leave you hanging around for long before it spews out its results. It rattled off our 10-page black and white text document in just one minute and five seconds, which is the among the fastest speeds we've seen on an inkjet model. Previous generations of Canon printers have been slow at duplex printing, but this model doesn't perform badly in this area. It took just two minutes and 53 seconds to complete five double-sided pages of our text document.

It was also speedy when it came to colour printing. Our 10-page graphics test took just three minutes and six seconds, while our business presentation was finished in a rapid two minutes and five seconds. It's also the fastest machine we've tested for photo printing; our 4x6-inch snap was delivered in just 32 seconds.

The other good news is that these speeds don't come at the expense of quality. Photo prints looked gorgeous, with rich, vibrant colours and impressive levels of detail reproduced even in darker areas of the image.

Canon Pixma MG8250 colour print
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The Canon Pixma MG8250 is high on speed with no comedown in quality.

Our business presentation was also completely devoid of banding, while colours and detail on our graphics test were superb. It's no slouch for text printing either. Text on our test document looked so crisp and precise that you could mistake it for the output from a good quality laser printer, which is high praise indeed.

Print costs

The fly in the MG8250's ointment is its relatively high print costs. The printer uses six separate ink cartridges, which really do help it to produce high-quality output, especially for photos. However, these cartridges aren't cheap and lead to higher than average print costs. We calculated that a black and white page will set you back around 3.6p, while a colour sheet costs around 8p. Both of these figures include 0.7p for paper costs, but they're still more expensive than their peers, apart from Lexmark's S-series models, which are similarly pricey to run.


The MG8250 is far from the cheapest printer to buy or to run but it does produce superb print quality across text, graphics and photos. Its print speeds are among the fastest in the business. Add in a great line-up of features and you've got yourself a top-notch photo printer.

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