Canon Pixma iP4000R

Just when we've finally caught our breath, Canon announces another batch of Pixma printers (the company had released four budget Pixma models earlier this summer). The Pixma iP4000R, which sits at the bottom of the group of newly announced units, is essentially the Pixma iP4000 with networking capabilities.

Upside: The Pixma iP4000 garnered decent scores for its fast performance, its high paper-input capacity, its convenient dual paper trays, and its reasonable print quality. We expect the same out of the iP4000R. The only thing that distinguishes this printer from its step-down model is its networking capabilities; it supports Ethernet, 802.11b, and 802.11g for convenient home networking. Also, like the Pixma iP4000, the iP4000R is priced very competitively.

Downside: For the money, the prints are good, but if you're the type who wears a loupe around your neck, you'll probably be disappointed with the photos. The Pixma iP4000R will have the same print issues as the iP4000: feathering around the letters in text documents, as well as dithering and banding in photos.

Outlook: Decent output, networking options, and fast print times should put this Canon ($229.99 list) near the top of its category. We'll let you know for sure when it ships this fall.