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Canon IXUS 105 review: Canon IXUS 105

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The 105 appears to offer decent value for money when you compare it with the PowerShot A3100 IS, which is about the same price, lacks a wide-angle zoom and is, to be frank, something of a porker, relatively speaking.

Style over substance?
Even so, once you take a long, hard look at what you're getting, the 105 is nothing special. Sure, it offers a great design, finish and build quality, but the zoom range and picture quality alone certainly don't justify the price. You can get similar results from cameras that cost much less than this.

The detail in the test chart is rendered pretty well, but there's some colour fringing creeping in at the edges, and the 105's lens is less impressive at its maximum focal length (click image to enlarge)

You also start to notice the things you don't get as much as the things you do. If you want high-definition movies and Canon's new focus-tracking feature, you'll have to shell out at least another £50 and go for the Ixus 130 instead. You do get a new 'smart flash exposure' system, designed to produce more natural-looking flash shots, as well as Canon's 'i-Contrast' system for lightening dark shadows, but neither seems to make a massive amount of difference.

There's only so much the motion-detection and image-stabilisation system can do to reduce blur too, and, in themselves, they certainly don't guarantee sharp shots in bad light. Alright, this stuff might work and it might be worth having, but it doesn't exactly grab you by the throat.

The 4x zoom is handy and the 12.1-megapixel sensor delivers decent pictures, but, on their own, they certainly don't justify the Canon IXUS 105's price. You're not really getting much in the way of technical innovation, either. What you're paying for is the IXUS design, style and build quality. The 105 is more of a classy gift than clever tech.

Edited by Charles Kloet 

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