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If it ain't broke, don't fix it: that seems to be Canon's approach to the EOS 30D, the follow-up to its perennial favorite, the EOS 20D. Aside from a few performance tweaks, the Canon EOS 30D is the same camera as its predecessor.

Upside: Most important, Canon has upped the number of sequential frames that you can capture in continuous-shooting mode to 30 JPEG or 11 raw shots, from 23 or 6, respectively; however the 5fps rate remains unchanged. In addition, the 30D now has a real spot meter, though the 3.5 percent metering circle isn't quite as tight as that of others' 2 percent. Finally, you'll be able to set ISO sensitivity in one-third-stop increments, and the shutter durability is rated for as much as 10,000 cycles.

Downside: There isn't much of a downside here. The 30D keeps the same magnesium-alloy body of its predecessor and should be able to use the same set of accessories. Its feature set and its 8-megapixel sensor remain competitive, though the 1.8-inch LCD is outdatedly small.

Outlook: When the Canon EOS 30D ships in March, it will cost $1,399 for the body only and $1,499 for the kit, keeping the 20D's place in line with the competition.