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C. Ronson iPod Hoodie

Another product that sacrifices functionality for good looks, the C. Ronson iPod Hoodie might look adorable, but it unfortunately lacks the details necessary to make it a usable case.

C. Ronson iPod Hoodie

When we first laid eyes on C. Ronson's iPod Hoodie, we couldn't wait to slip our iPod into the adorable case. True to its name, the terry-cloth accessory looks like a mini sweatshirt, complete with a pouch, a hood, and drawstrings. You can dress up your iPod in pink or blue, and each comes with a button bearing the company's name. Unfortunately, one size does not fit all. Our fourth-generation iPod was swimming in the oversize hoodie; plus, there are no openings to access the controls or the dock connector. At $24, the iPod Hoodie isn't the most suitable case for protecting your iPod, but at least it looks cute.

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