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Bush BR10DAB review: Bush BR10DAB

This Bush doesn’t beat on about itself, it's DAB+ on a budget and what you see is what you get.

Nic Tatham
2 min read

DAB+ needn't be expensive to receive and listen to, so if you don't fancy shelling out big bucks, the Bush BR10DAB has to be the most affordable option available so far. A very simple radio — as radios have always been up until now — the Bush offers the latest basics: DAB+ and FM reception, 10 presets for both, a two-line LCD display, a headphone socket and the ability to run off the mains or battery power.


Bush BR10DAB

The Good

Super affordable. Easy to use.

The Bad

Sounds a bit lightweight. Limited DAB+ functionality.

The Bottom Line

This Bush doesn’t beat about itself, it's DAB+ on a budget and what you see is what you get.

Quite often the simplest designs are the best, and in this regard the Bush won't offend the most technophobic radio listener. If you can tune in your car stereo or pocket transistor, you can work this DAB+ radio. Designed as a desktop radio for use in the kitchen, study or bedroom, the Bush's meagre one Watt power output and tiny speaker will fill smaller spaces with background sound, but don't expect party volume levels. It sounds clean and crisp, if a little tinny with broadcast material, but like we say, if you're after some background sounds while preparing the dinner or falling off to sleep, it does the job just fine.

The tuner itself is reasonably sensitive and it had no trouble picking up the dozen or so DAB+ radio stations available in our test area. The small display shows the minimum of station info, such as the name, signal strength and volume, and to its credit the BR10DAB was quick to switch between FM and DAB+ modes. Plus, it searched and tuned into digital stations reasonably quickly.

Available in kitchen-friendly white only, this compact and easy-to-use Bush radio is a perfect and very affordable unit to get into digital radio. If you want more DAB+ bells and whistles, look elsewhere; but for value for money it’s hard to complain at this price.