Brother HL-2240 review: Brother HL-2240

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The Good Cheap; reasonable running costs; impressive text print quality.

The Bad Graphics print quality isn't the best.

The Bottom Line The Brother HL-2240 may not be big on features, but this budget monochrome laser impresses with its crisp text output and reasonable running costs.

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8.3 Overall

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Multi-function printers may offer loads of features, but they tend to be quite large, and not everyone needs extras like fax support. If your printing needs don't stretch beyond needing to print black and white text and graphics, then the entry-level HL-2240 might fit the bill. It's a small and compact monochrome laser printer that's priced at a very reasonable £80.


Like other entry-level models in the Brother range, the HL-2240 is very small and square. It measures just 368 by 183 by 360mm. Design-wise, it's an ideal choice for those with home offices that are short on space, and the black and grey colour scheme looks quite professional.

Unlike most laser printers that we see, this one doesn't have an LCD display and so there are no menus to navigate. Instead, it has three LEDs to indicate toner, drum and general errors, along with a green LED to show when it's ready to print. There's a large green button marked 'go' sitting beneath these LEDs, but its sole function seems to be to instruct the printer to produce a test page when it's pressed.

Despite its small size, this model still manages to house a pull-out paper tray at the bottom that holds up to 250 sheets of paper. Sitting above this, behind a pull-down flap, there's a single-sheet paper feeder than can be used to feed envelopes and other odd-sized pieces of paper into the printer.

All printed material comes out the top and is fed into a tray that's slightly recessed into the printer's body. There's also a flip-up paper stopper that stops sheets from working their way out of the tray and onto the floor.

Brother HL-2240
The HL-2240 doesn't have an LCD display, but instead uses three simple LEDs to indicate errors.

Note that the HL-2240 doesn't offer duplex printing, so, if you want to print on both sides of a piece of paper, you have to manually turn the sheet over and place it back in the paper tray. This model also lacks both Ethernet and Wi-Fi support, so it can only be connected to your computer via USB. 


Setting the printer up is pretty straightforward. You just remove some protective tabs, take out the toner and drum cartridges, give the former a gentle shake to make sure the toner is evenly distributed, and then place them back in their slot in the belly of the printer. Then it's simply a matter of loading the drivers onto your computer and connecting it up with a USB lead. The whole process only takes a couple of minutes.

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