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Brother DCP-7070DW review: Brother DCP-7070DW

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Its copying feature is very fast too, as it took a mere 10 seconds to produce a black and white copy of our test document. The results are rather underwhelming, though. Images and grey shading look rather blocky and noisy. Text, however, is copied well, retaining its sharpness.


The DCP-7070DW is reasonably speedy when it comes to printing, especially as it doesn't spend long pre-processing pages before printing starts. It managed to pump out our ten-page black and white test document in just 33 seconds. It also completed our ten-page business presentation in 33 seconds, and our ten-page graphics test in 36 seconds.

One of this printer's key features is its duplex printing support, whereby it can print on both sides of a page automatically. Duplex printing is always slower than single-sided printing, but it isn't too bad on this model. It took 1 minute and 3 seconds to produce five double-sided pages of our text document.

The DCP-7070DW makes an excellent fist of printed text. Characters are tightly defined and look very black on the page, so legibility is good. Its graphics performance isn't in the same league, though. Grey fills aren't as smooth as those of some of the better laser models we've seen, and detail in photos can look rather blotchy.

This printer uses a two-part system with a separate toner cartridge and drum. A high-capacity toner cartridge will produce 2,600 sheets, while the drum is good for 12,000 pages. Running costs aren't bad. At current prices, you'll pay about 3.6p per page, including 0.7p for paper costs.


The Brother DCP-7070DW is a decent option if you're seeking a multi-function monochrome printer. It produces good text results, it's reasonably cheap to run and it offers the bonus of duplex printing. Still, its graphics output is slightly below-par and you can pick up multi-function models with fax features for a similar price from rival manufacturers.

Edited by Charles Kloet

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