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Boxie review: A Dropbox client that's better than Dropbox

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The Good Boxie offers push notifications for file changes, file restoration, and more features that should already be included in the official Dropbox app.

The Bad Currently there's no iPad version of the app. The app won't auto-upload photos or videos as Dropbox does.

The Bottom Line Boxie not only looks nice, but adds features the official Dropbox app doesn't offer, making it the one Dropbox app to use.


7.7 Overall
  • Setup 8
  • Features 7
  • Interface 8
  • Performance 8

Boxie is a free Dropbox-based app currently available in the App Store for iPhone users, but it might even be better than the original. It provides users with the same basic capabilities as the official Dropbox app, while adding some much needed features. You're able to view files and folders, share documents, stream video files, view images, and even upload documents directly from your iPhone. But what sets Boxie apart from the official Dropbox app is its overall look and feel combined with added features unlocked through an in-app purchase.

Originally released in October of 2013, Boxie was listed at $1.99. After a couple of updates, the price jumped to $2.99, which was then quickly negated by another update adding an in-app purchase and dropping the basic app's cost to free.

The setup process for Boxie is pretty simple. After downloading the app you'll need to authorize it with Dropbox, granting Boxie permission to edit and control files in your Dropbox account. Having the official Dropbox app installed on your iPhone speeds up the process, as it uses the Dropbox app to carry out the authorization process. Not having the official Dropbox app installed will require you to go through the authorization process via the Web, but it's important to note you don't need to have the Dropbox app to run Boxie.

After you've given Boxie permission to access your Dropbox account, you go through a quick tutorial covering the basic gestures and navigation for the app. In the past I've said tutorials aren't warranted, and something I discourage developers from doing. But the gestures used in Boxie are something you will have a hard time discovering on your own, so make sure you pay attention to it and don't skip through.

Basic features
Where Boxie differentiates itself from the official Dropbox app is in its overall look along with the way users interacts with their files. Gestures are an integral part of the app, enabling shortcuts to basic and advanced features. By swiping left-to-right on a file, for example, you'll be able to bookmark an item, download it for offline use, open sharing options, or open an additional menu for even more options such as renaming. Swiping right-to-left across a file or folder deletes it. Should you accidentally delete a file, you can easily undo the action.

With Boxie you can manage your entire Dropbox account, deleting files, moving and organizing filers and folders, sharing, and of course viewing. The photo gallery option makes it easy to quickly view a lot of photos, select multiple photos to share, and organize them.

When it comes to viewing files, Boxie has the built-in capability to unpack ZIP files and view the contents. This is a huge boost over the official Dropbox app, which acts as if it's going to unpack a ZIP file, only to tell you it can't open the file. You then need to download a third-party app to view the contents.

Sharing files can be done through the normal means, by sending a Dropbox link through Twitter or Facebook, via e-mail or text message, and the like.

There are sound effects for nearly every interaction throughout the app, most of which sound very reminiscent of the sounds throughout Tweetbot 2. Don't worry, if sound effects aren't something you find beneficial to an app, you can disable them in the Settings.

Added features
The basic features are what's included in Boxie for free. The magic of Boxie's features happen with the in-app purchase that Boxie refers to as the Power Pack.

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