Bowers & Wilkins 800 Diamond

Featuring diamond tweeters (hence the name), B&W's studio-grade 800 Diamond speakers have been repriced, thanks to the strength of the Aussie dollar.

Derek Fung
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Derek Fung

In brief

It's not often that we can claim that a pair of speakers retailing at a cool AU$29,000 are cheap. However, in the case of the B&W's 800 Diamond, they are — kinda. That's because the company has chopped the RRP from AU$37,000, thanks to the consistently high Aussie dollar.

Measuring 1.2m tall by 450mm wide and 645mm, the 800 Diamond weighs an impressive 102kg. Within its wooden cabinets (finished in either glossy piano black, cherry wood or rose nut), you'll find a set of diamond tweeters, which are said to produce distortion-free, high-frequency sound, as diamond is considerably tougher than the cloth or metal used in most tweeters.

The rest of the 800 Diamond's componentry isn't too shabby, either. You see, B&W's top-of-the-range speakers are highly regarded throughout the recording industry, with 800 Diamonds doing work at Abbey Road Studios, George Lucas' Skywalker Sound and also for our ABC's live recording sessions.


The repriced 800 Diamond is available now through select retailers. If AU$29,000 is too much, you might want to consider the 802 Diamond at AU$19,000 (down AU$6000); the AU$12,500 803 Diamond (reduced by AU$3500); the 804 Diamond, priced at AU$9000 (cut by AU$3000); or the "entry-level" 805 Diamond, which is going for AU$5500 (down by AU$2000).