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Boston Acoustics i-DS3 plus iPod Speaker System review: Boston Acoustics i-DS3 plus iPod Speaker System

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There's also room for a line-in auxiliary device. It's only an RCA analog audio connection, but getting most devices to play nicely with that interface isn't a problem. For most products (like those with headphone jacks), a simple 1/8 inch-to-RCA analog audio adapter is all you'll need.

During our testing, audio performance was well above average. The two-way main speaker base combined with the impressively powerful six-inch subwoofer provided us with a rich and clear sound and a large of amount of range. The subwoofer has noticeable oomph behind it and you can customize its power using the rear volume knob. During our test we were most satisfied with it turned up at about 65 percent.

The subwoofer can be placed up to 75 feet away from the base and allows you to control its volume.

The system also offers a "wide stereo" function. Boston Acoustics doesn't say much about what it actually does and we didn't notice any real difference in our listening experience during our testing with it. That said, it can be activated via the remote or the button on top of the base speaker's grille. It will light orange when activated.

There is not much to complain about with the iDS3. While it performs very well, we do wish it offered a few more features to sweeten the deal. The addition of an AM/FM radio would improve its appeal and barely affect the price. Boston Acoustics has the iDS3 retailing for a whopping $500 on the company's Web site but we found it for as low as $360 online.

While $360 is still a bit much to pay for a dedicated iPod speaker, it has impressive sound. If you're looking for more features and a wireless subwoofer isn't exactly what you're in the market for, check out the company's Horizon Duo-i systems. They cost as low as $130, offer great sound quality, and have an AM/FM radio.

Alternatively, you can opt for the previous Boston Acoustics "iDS" model, the iDS2. It features the same feature set as the iDS3 but without the wireless subwoofer. It offers great sound quality and is significantly cheaper--available for as low as $140 online.

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