Bosch went analog and digital when it came to accessories to use with its first multicooker. The German appliance manufacturer created an app and published a cookbook designed for you to use with its AutoCook multicooker, which were on display Wednesday at the IFA trade show in Berlin.
The multicooker doesn't wirelessly connect to the app, but many of the app's 100 recipes are designed specifically for use with the countertop appliance. The app also provides video clips to show each step of a recipe, a nice feature we've seen on apps for products such as the Joule sous vide immersion circulator and the Drop connected kitchen scale.

The AutoCook stands out from other multicookers with more than 50 cooking programs with very specialized functions, such as sous vide, yogurt making and gentle frying; many multicookers just have basics like pressure cooking and slow cooking covered. Adding wireless connection to the app that could control the multicooker's function would be useful, especially if you have to perform several cooking functions in the AutoCook for one recipe.
There are two different types of AutoCook: a basic model that costs €269 (about $300, £228 in the UK and AU$399) and an induction-powered version that costs €469 (roughly $523, £398 and AU$696). A Bosch representative said the AutoCook isn't scheduled to be released in the US.