Bosch adds stealthy upgrades to its budget dishwashers

New dishwashers from the brand's least expensive line look good, and keep the noise to a minimum.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer
2 min read


Bosch hopes to make a machine that's so quiet, you'll barely be able to tell it's running. Its midrange Ascenta series will now bring that comfortable quiet to a more affordable price point. And just in case you do forget the dishwasher is running, these new Ascenta models will shine a light on the floor during its cycle so you can stay informed.

The new Ascenta models are rated at 46 dBA and fit into Bosch's "SuperSilence" category. Previously, the $500 to $700 Series (the pictured black model costs $600) bottomed out at 50 dBA. Bosch sells models that go as low as 38 dBA, but expect to pay upwards of $1,800 for the premium Benchmark series to get that rating.

The InfoLight. Bosch

Both the 46 dBA rating and the red "InfoLight" have been previously included on more expensive Bosch machines, but at least the more budget friendly models are now catching up to the rest. And they have a new scoop handle unique to the Ascenta line, and intended to look luxurious without sticking out. Bosch calls it "ultra-flush." Better yet, Bosch isn't raising the price of the line for any of these additions.

All models of the Ascenta Series have a stainless steel tub, as opposed to the less durable plastic tubs, and are available now on Bosch's site or via other major appliance dealers. The model pictured above, the SHS5AV56UC, features an adjustable upper rack with a 14-place setting capacity along with the scoop handle, InfoLight and quieter noise rating. Nothing about this dishwasher is a leap forward in appliance technology, but it's nice to see Bosch keeping its budget brand up-to-date.