Boost Mobile Platinum review: Boost Mobile Platinum (D615)

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The Good Stylish exterior.

The Bad Super low-res display. '80s quality games. No 3G.

The Bottom Line There's not much to recommend about the Boost Platinum. The games are dull and the camera and Web browser are below par. For the money there are better phones on the market.

4.0 Overall

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Out of the box the Boost Platinum looks the part of a quality mobile phone. Without power the reflective screen reminds us of the LG Shine in standby mode, and the stainless steel trim gives the appearance of quality. It's only after the power kicks in that the illusion of quality is shattered when the 128 x 160 (QQVGA) resolution display bursts to pixel-ly life. There is essentially nothing wrong with a low resolution display for basic phone functions, but as this is the Boost "Game" phone, we expected better.

Asides from the low quality display the handset is a nicely laid out candy-bar phone. The keypad, while on the small size, is easy to use and there's no doubt that the 12mm thick profile will slip easily into your pocket.

The selling point for the Boost Platinum is the pre-loaded games from gaming juggernaut Electronic Arts, including: Medal of Honor, Need for Speed, and Sim City. If these games were the only reason for checking out this review, then it's time for you to click the "back" button on your browser and continue searching for your new phone. These games are astoundingly dull and of the same quality as the AU$5 games you can download from every Web site with hip-hop ringtones and bikini girl wallpapers.

But even if the games were good fun -- and we reiterate, they are not -- the low resolution screen makes playing them virtually impossible. Fans of Sim City on their PC can attest to the visual complexity of the game, and to play it successfully on the Boost Platinum definitely requires a magnifying glass. Young eyes be warned: your precious 20/20 vision will deteriorate exponentially as you try to read the in-game information boxes.

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