Boost Droid review: Boost Droid

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The Good Android 2.1 installed. Decent keyboard. HSDPA and WiFi.

The Bad Dull-looking screen. Cheap plastic chassis. Poor 3MP camera.

The Bottom Line The Boost Droid has excellent features matched with good everyday performance, but will disappoint those looking to play games or takes photos with their phone.

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7.2 Overall

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Though it's built from cheap-looking plastic parts, the Boost Droid is designed perfectly for the task at hand, or in hand as the case may be. Its 2.6-inch screen is positioned in a landscape orientation, leaving plenty of space for a full QWERTY keyboard without the phone becoming too tall. There's a 3.5mm headphone socket on the base of the handset, a microUSB port for charging and a 3-megapixel camera on the rear.

The keyboard is reasonably well designed too; its keys are a touch on the small side, but they are raised bumps to help you find them faster. It's a bit pokey when trying to combine two keystrokes for keyboard shortcuts, but we do like the extra additions, like the dedicated flashlight key.

The screen is touch-sensitive, as it is with all Android phones, and manufacturer Huawei has opted for resistive touchscreen technology in this model. While this means you will need to apply some pressure when making selections — and you'll notice this most when swiping between the homescreens — we've found it to be fairly responsive overall. It's a shame that the screen itself doesn't look great. The viewing angle on the Boost Droid is very poor, making the image weak when viewed from very subtle angles.


This is where the Boost Droid is most impressive. For the a quarter of the price of some of this year's smartphones, the Boost Droid delivers fast web browsing with an HSDPA connection to the network, Wi-Fi for when you're browsing at home, GPS for Google Maps and Bluetooth for pairing the phone to a headset or other Bluetooth-compatible device.

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