Bluespoon Digital Bluetooth headset

Quick Take: The tiny, beetlelike Bluespoon certainly has the most unusual design of any headset we've seen to date. We discovered, however, that that's not always a good thing. To put it on, you need to twist the headset until a small springlike appendage catches inside your ear. Unless you do it exactly right--which takes a few tries--the earpiece digs uncomfortably against your ear canal. The buttons were tiny as well, and it fits only in your right ear. You do, however, get a choice of colors.

But once you get it on correctly, audio quality is good, with great volume and clarity. We tested the headset on the Nokia 6820, the Motorola V600, and the Sony Ericsson T616. Volume was impressive, producing clear conversations on both ends. Battery life also was superior. Bluespoon promises a talk time of 6 hours and a standby time of 8.2 days. In our tests, we fell short of the rated standby time by just a couple of hours.