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Blueant unleashes fresh, waterproof and wireless headphones at MWC 2014 (hands-on)

At MWC 2014, Bluetooth device maker Blueant touts the water-defying and audio prowess of its PUMP Bluetooth HD Sportbuds.

Brian Bennett Former Senior writer
Brian Bennett is a former senior writer for the home and outdoor section at CNET.
Brian Bennett
Blueant Pump Bluetooth HD Sportbuds
The HD Sportsbuds from Blueant are waterproof and rubbery. Brian Bennett/CNET

BARCELONA, Spain -- Bluetooth specialist Blueant hopes to tempt the fitness-minded with its new PUMP Bluetooth HD Sportbuds. Priced at $129, this rugged stereo audio device is both water-resistant and pliable to withstand the rigors of intense workouts.

I was able to see the HD Sportsbuds in person at MWC 2014. The product consists of two main earloop-style earbuds linked by a flat cord designed to be tangle-free. The entire gizmo is coated in a rubbery material which Blueant says will protect the headset against liquid spills, sweat, and the odd drop onto hard surfaces.

Blueant Pump Bluetooth HD Sportbuds
This sports-minded device is made for action. Brian Bennett/CNET

Though a flat wire connects the Pump's two earpieces, the headphones link to smartphones via a wireless Bluetooth network. Blueant also claims that the HD Sportsbuds offer greater range than the typical cordless stereo headset, eight hours of continuous runtime, and a generous helping of bass.

Interested in scooping up a set of these fitness companions? Blueant currently sells the Pump Bluetooth HD Sportbuds directly through its website and through the Apple store in various countries including the UK, France, Canada, and Spain, just to name a few.

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