Make smoothies Keurig-style with this single-serve blender

You insert recyclable cups prefilled with ingredients into the $150 Blix, and it automatically blends smoothies, soups and dips.

Ashlee Clark Thompson Associate Editor
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Ashlee Clark Thompson
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The Blix comes in white or black.


Take the concepts behind a Keurig coffee machine, the Juicero automated juicer and a meal-delivery service, and you end up with the Blix blender, a $150 countertop appliance available for preorder and set to ship in March 2018. You use the Blix to make single servings of smoothies, soups or spreads from premade cups you order directly from the manufacturer. 

Here's how it works: You fill a Blix cup with your liquid of choice. Put the cup in the machine and press the only button on the machine. The Blix will then blend your ingredients, and you can eat or drink them straight from the cup, which is recyclable. 

At first glance, the Blix blender (which is $99 if you preorder it now) appears to take a few cues from Keurig, the company that created an eponymous coffee machine that brews individual drinks from prepackaged pods. Look closer, and you'll see similarities to Juicero, the failed $400 smart juicer that used proprietary bags of ingredients to make juice (folks eventually discovered you could just squeeze the bags and bypass the expensive machine). Then the Blix throws in a meal-delivery element. You can only use Blix cups with the blender, and a weekly subscription starts at $39 for six cups. If you don't want a subscription, you can buy cups in multiples of six for $6.49 for smoothies and soups and $7 for spreads.

Blix reps say the system eliminates the need to prepare and measure ingredients. I see the advantage of popping a cup into the Blix and having a smoothie ready without much effort. But you're going to end up throwing down a lot of cash on the Blix cups in exchange for that convenience.