BlackRapid Sport Slim (RS-Sport 2) review: A stabler sling strap for active photographers

The Fastenr tripod-mount attachment isn't the most elegant design, but it works well enough.

While I love the strap, the Connectr and Fastenr pose some problems. The Fastenr works well enough; it's straightforward to attach and doesn't loosen. However, there's no way to set the camera down flat while it's attached, which occasionally annoyed me while trying to stabilize cameras to shoot video. The company offers an optional alternative, the Fastenr Tripod, with a flat bottom and a longer screw designed to fit through a tripod plate.

I have bigger issues with the Connectr, though. I used it (on a different strap) for months with the Canon EOS 7D, cramming it into various bags without disconnecting it, and one day looked at the camera and noticed that the carabiner had abraded off the paint beneath the LCD. The screw on the carabiner also loosens, though even if it does you're not in imminent danger of dropping the camera.

Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of the carabiner; the closure tends to unscrew slightly and the metal can abrade the camera when in your bag.

Another warning: since it's more harness than strap, you've got to worry about front and back and left and right when putting it on, which means you can't just throw it over your head without thinking. For some of us, that takes a little more forethought than others.

Despite those problems, though, the advantages of the strap outweigh the disadvantages enough to make it my go-to strap for most of the shooting I do with dSLRs and larger cameras.

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