BlackBerry to build a new Z3 touch-screen smartphone

Expected to cost under $200, the BlackBerry Z3 packs a large touch screen but no physical keyboard.

Brian Bennett Former Senior writer
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Brian Bennett

BlackBerry announced Q20 and Jakarta handsets at MWC 2014. Brian Bennett/CNET

BARCELONA, Spain -- Here at MWC 2014 BlackBerry announced its newest touch screen smartphone, the BlackBerry Z3. Once codenamed the Jakarta, the Z3 will offer a big 5-inch high-resolution display and rely on an all-touch interface, rather than a physical keyboard. BlackBerry plans to sell the Z3 for under $200, unlocked.

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The BlackBerry Z3 will also run the company's latest version of its operating system, BB 10.2.1. Additionally, BlackBerry has pledged to equip the Z3 with a high-capacity battery boasting enough juice to last a good while between charges. Other details about the phone remain murky, but the company promises that all shall be revealed in April when BlackBerry officially launches the Z3 at a special event in Jakarta.

Blackberry, Blackberry Z3
We managed to snap a closer shot of the BlackBerry Z3 at MWC 2014. Brian Bennett/CNET