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Knocked for six

The Curve 3G sports the BlackBerry OS, which takes some getting used to if you're unfamiliar with it. A zillion options are accessible with a press of the menu key, but the phone is fairly easy to use once you're in the groove. The business-orientated user interface isn't a visual masterpiece or particularly fun to use, but it gets the job done.

RIM has stated that the Curve 3G will get an update to the latest version of the BlackBerry OS, version 6, which has just arrived on the BlackBerry Torch 9800. That should make the phone feel fresher and more consumer-focused, so it's something to look forward to.

Media buttons on the top of the phone indicate that the Curve 3G isn't all business and no pleasure.

In the meantime, the Curve 3G is nothing to get excited about. The address book, for example, is a boring list of names without any embellishment in terms of either styling or extra functionality. There are some fun features in there -- open a contact and you can see their Facebook profile picture, for instance -- but the list itself is as dull as a silent monastery. Happily, you can download apps that jazz up your contact list, home screen and other areas.

The Curve 3G also adds a sprinkling of musical spice in the form of dedicated media buttons along the top of the phone, and a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Having our music easily at hand meant that the Curve 3G didn't feel like all business and no pleasure. We don't like the audio jack's position on the side of the phone, however, because, when we're using headphones with a big plug, it sticks out the side and makes the phone hard to pop in a pocket.

Finally, we have to give a shout out to the Curve 3G's battery life. With light use and the 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity switched on all day, the phone lasted 3 days on a full charge. We found it so refreshing to get such long battery life out of a smart phone that we gave the Curve 3G a big hug and a biscuit. 


It's hard to get excited about a phone that only offers minor upgrades to what came before, and relies on a future software update for its only innovative feature. But, if you're looking for a perfectly adequate BlackBerry that ticks all the boxes, there's not much wrong with the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300. Its trackpad is as responsive as a sloth, though, so, if you can stump up the cash for a beautiful BlackBerry Bold 9700, we'd suggest getting that instead.

Edited by Charles Kloet 

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