Eric Franklin/CNET

BARCELONA, Spain -- The Nymi wristband from Bionym wants you to forget your passwords and pins and leave your keys and key cards at home.

The security wristband stores your security and personal information and recognizes you based on your heart's unique cardiac rhythm, or electrocardiogram (ECG).

By using your body's own unique signature to recognize you, it's possible for example to pick up a smartphone or tablet and immediately have your own personal settings and possibly apps loaded on the device as you hold it.

Eric Franklin/CNET

The wristband uses Bluetooth 4.0 and proximity sensing technology to know where your connected devices are in relation to you. As long as you're wearing the device, of course.

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There are plenty of additional potential applications, including the ability to open passcode-protected car doors or even replacing the need to enter a PIN for your debit card. And again, the best part is that it would only work for you. Pretty exciting if it actually works.

Eric Franklin/CNET

The device I used at MWC was a prototype and as such was disappointingly flimsy. However the Bionym representative assured me that the company is looking into making design improvements including a sturdier band.

The Nymi is launching sometime mid-year for $79. Look for more coverage over as we near the release date.