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Billion myGuard 7500GL review: Billion myGuard 7500GL

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The Good Excellent wireless range. Solid uptime.

The Bad Novice-unfriendly interface. Slow login times. Pop-up Trend Micro services a tad annoying.

The Bottom Line The Billion myGuard 7500GL combines an enticing security package with a solid wireless router package, although networking novices will probably find it a terrifying prospect.

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The myGuard 7500GL has clearly been built with functionality in mind, rather than any kind of particular aesthetic appeal. Then again, its primary function is as a wireless router, meaning you could always hide it permanently behind a stuffed elk, and nobody would ever need to see it. The upside of its pedestrian visual design is that it's an extremely easy unit to visually assess, with bright and clear indicators for network and port access, so if you do hit a problem, it's often possible to work out what's going wrong without having to access the unit's Web-based configuration utility. Not needing to access the Web interface is something of a blessing, actually, because if you're not au fait with networking terminology, you'll find the interface on the myGuard 7500GL to be quite perplexing. There's nothing where it shouldn't be, but we've certainly seen plenty of interfaces that are a whole lot better at guiding novice users through getting their ADSL and wireless connections up and running. The quick start guide bundled in the box isn't much better, as it'll help you with the physical hardware connection, give you the relevant IP address for the router, and then leave you to the mercies of the CD-based product manual.

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The 7500GL itself is a four port wired Ethernet router, along with an 802.11b/g wireless router, with basic firewall security via DoS and SPI protection. It supports Quality Of Service (QoS) control, which might seem like overkill for many home SOHO users, unless you're looking at VOIP services such as those provided by Engin or MyPhone, at which point being able to assign bandwidth limits becomes very handy indeed. Likewise, for the SOHO crowd, you can set up VPN connections with the 7500GL, although like much of the rest of the router's interface, it's really presumed that you know what you're doing going into things, as there's little explanation of the steps needed to set up a VPN connection. On the broader security front, the 7500GL supports WEP, WPA, SSID broadcast blocking and MAC filtering, and once more, the interface for all of these tends towards the functional rather than the friendly. Then again, once you've got it set up, you're unlikely to fiddle with these settings to any really large degree.

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