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Billion BiPAC 7800N review: Billion BiPAC 7800N

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The wireless throughput is tested using three chipsets, the Atheros AR5008X, RaLink RT2870 and Intel 5100AGN, then all results are averaged.

2.4GHz throughput (in Mbps)

  • Billion BiPAC 7800N
  • Linksys WAG320N (2.4GHz)
  • Asus DSL-N13
  • NetComm 3G15Wn
  • Location one (same room, no obstructions) 69.2065.9765.1761.43
  • Location two (one floor down, some obstructions) 64.6354.3753.4350.90
  • Location three (two floors down, some obstructions) 38.2335.2729.7325.45

(Longer bars indicate better performance)

ADSL performance is simply measured by the sync speed on an Internode ADSL2+ connection to the St Leonards exchange, on Internode's very high speed profile. If the connection remains stable over a period of time, the sync speed is recorded.

ADSL2+ sync speed (in Kbps)

  • Billion BiPAC 7800N
  • Linksys WAG320N (2.4GHz)
  • Asus DSL-N13
  • NetComm 3G15Wn
  • Uplink 1349134213461349
  • Downlink 22306225792192122172

(Longer bars indicate better performance)

As far as ADSL2+ performance is concerned, all are very close, and during subjective testing maintained a stable link.

Power consumption

We measured power consumption using a Jaycar mains digital power meter. It's important to note here that due to limitations of the meter, measurements are limited to values 1W and greater, and are reported in 1W increments.

The wireless radio was turned on, and an iperf test begun for measurement, using one wireless client and one wired.

Juice Box
Transmitting 9W
Idle 7W

Nothing out of the ordinary here — this is pretty standard consumption for a modem/router.


A 24-month warranty is offered on all Billion products, and is covered by PCRange, Billion's distributor in Australia.


While some ADSL2+ modem/routers we've tested prefer one chipset over another, the Billion 7800N provided the most consistent results across all three of our test platforms, netting it the highest average throughput of the modem/routers we've seen so far. While we'd love to see 5GHz capability in the device, we can highly recommend this to anyone looking for the core of their new ADSL2+-based network.

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