BenQ Joybee GP2 review: BenQ Joybee GP2

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The Good Highly portable. Decent image quality. Optional battery pack.

The Bad Blown out highlights. Tinny speakers.

The Bottom Line The Joybee GP2 makes a good case for itself if you need a projector that's affordable, has a good mind for business and is acceptable for casual use.

7.8 Overall

Design and features

Tiny usually translates to cute, and the Joybee GP2 doesn't go against the grain in this regard. Despite its petite dimensions (140.3x52.5x129.8mm) and being rather lightweight (560g), the GP2 packs quite a lot in.

On its piano-black noggin' there's an iPod/iPhone dock and a set of touch-sensitive controls. Unfortunately, the latter becomes rather warm as its sitting right atop the projector's lighting array and fan. The bundled remote control saves you from heated fingers, but sometimes, both parties aren't interested in communicating, entailing a lot of wasted (and frustrated) button bashing.

Oddly, there's no button to be able to flick easily between different sources. It's a good thing, then, that the home menu — laid out like a carousel — is easily mastered by even the most technophobic user.

On the back, there's a covered slot for reading SD cards. The other inputs (USB, mini-HDMI, multi-input adapter, mini-USB and auxiliary), output (headphone) and power supply jack are all loaded on one side. A weighty connection, such as a chunky HDMI connector plugged into the supplied mini-HDMI to HDMI converter, tips the GP2 off its feet a little bit, requiring a counterbalancing weight to be placed on top, or awkward fiddling with the adjustable third foot.

The supplied paper manual borders on the useless, as it's just a (long) series of pictograms. For some real help, you'll need to find the manual stored on the included CD.


The GP2 uses digital light processing (DLP) technology and has 200 lumens at its disposal. As such. it requires a room that's almost set to pitch black, otherwise the image seen is quite washed out. Under optimum conditions the projector does a stellar job, but if you're expecting images sharp enough to give through pumpkins, you're looking at the wrong end of Projector Town.

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