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The Good Useful DVI and VGA inputs; excellent colour performance.

The Bad Horrible menu controls; no HDMI port; no speakers.

The Bottom Line For those on a tight budget, the BenQ G2220HD will prove a great 1080p monitor, costing no more than you'd pay for a conventional 16:10-format monitor with a lower resolution. An HDMI port and speakers are sadly lacking, but the monitor's colour reproduction is very good

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7.5 Overall

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BenQ's G2220HD is a high-quality, 21.5-inch, 1080p monitor. It has a basic set of features and offers neither an HDMI port nor speakers, but it represents very good value for money, while its thin bezel and tasteful design belie its low price tag of around £120.

Feature shortfall
This 16:9-format monitor is one of the least expensive ways to enable your desktop PC to display 1080p content. But, while the G2220HD has enough style and quality to satisfy the casual user, it omits a few notable features.

It's remarkably compact for such a high-resolution screen, and light enough to easily pick up and move around. It comes with dual DVI and VGA inputs but, crucially, lacks an HDMI port, which would have made it useful as a second display for a games console or Blu-ray player when your TV is in use. It doesn't have any speakers either, another factor that helps to keep the monitor's size and weight down, and the bezel extremely thin. The G2220HD comes with a basic tilting stand with no height- or swivel-adjustment options. There are also no premium features, such as USB ports or ambient-light sensors.

Spot-on colours
The G2220HD's image quality is generally quite impressive, although, during our testing, we noticed moderate backlight bleeding when displaying dark images. We've definitely seen monitors that have a worse backlight-bleeding problem, but we've also seen plenty that don't suffer as badly in this respect. The monitor's colour response, on the other hand, is very good indeed, with very little adjustment required during the calibration process. This results in life-like flesh tones and natural-looking photos and video.

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