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BenQ FP72G+S review: BenQ FP72G+S

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Tested at its native resolution of 1,280x1,024, the FP72G+S received a low score on CNET Labs' DisplayMate-based image-quality performance tests. The FP72G+S's lowest scores came in two of the most crucial categories: sharpness and color. While small-size sans-serif fonts were legible and reasonably clear, fonts with serifs were indistinct and difficult to decipher. We saw a small amount of signal irregularity, or digital noise, sections of the screen where pixels took on a shimmering quality and appeared to move around. The FP72G+S could not produce an error-free color-intensity scale, nor could it make a smooth color gradient. Flesh tones in DVD-playback tests looked overly yellowish, and we saw noticeable dithering--visible, shifting dot patterns--in both foregrounds and backgrounds. The FP72G+S's quick 8-millisecond pixel response time helped it perform well in our gaming tests, displaying even fast-moving gaming backgrounds clearly.

The BenQ comes with an industry-standard three-year limited warranty that covers parts, labor, and the backlight. Technical support is provided toll-free during the warranty period. BenQ tech support answered our test call promptly, courteously, and correctly. Drivers, manuals, answers to general FAQs, and the opportunity to e-mail questions to tech support are all available on BenQ's Web site.

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