Belkin Wireless G Router with Built-In USB Print Server review: Belkin Wireless G Router with Built-in USB Print Server

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The Good Easy setup. Wizard-based installation interface. 802.11b/g networking.

The Bad Fixed antennae. Print sharing only with Windows XP machines.

The Bottom Line Just about everything to do with this wireless router and print server is extremely easy to use. If you're looking for an 802.11g router and want a simple life, the Belkin F5D7230au4P comes highly recommended.

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The new Belkin Wireless G is a four port wireless router (hardly exceptional in this day and age) with a key selling point; it's also got a simple USB print server inbuilt, along with a single USB port for connecting up compatible printer models.

The router itself is a visually plain model for the most part, with a pair of fixed stubby antennae at the back. Special mention must be made of the router's rear ports. While they're what you'd expect at the back of a router -- four standard ethernet ports, one Modem/Network connection port and a single USB port -- they're all not only colour coded for ease of use, but also labelled. And not labelled as in "port 1" or some such, but group labelled in plain English with titles like "Connection to Computers". It's a very simple design step, but for networking novices it's such a huge confidence booster that we wonder why more router manufacturers don't adopt this KISS-style labelling.

The router's features are essentially run-of-the-mill in this day and age; it's an 802.11b/g router with WEP and WPA security features, four wired ports and an interface that, like the labelling on the back of the router itself, is quite well suited to those who aren't completely familiar with networking terminology.

Installation of the router itself can be managed either through the Web interface for network old hands, or via the supplied installation CD, which provides simple diagrams and steps users through setting up a wired or wireless network for the first time. Once you've confirmed your location, it'll even step you through connecting up to an ADSL or cable modem using standard Australian or New Zealand settings, which is a good bit of localisation to offer.

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