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Quick take: Belkin's TuneFM is a great FM transmitter if you consider design and features alone. It boasts a compact form factor that blends seamlessly when connected to the bottom of your 5G iPod or your iPod Nano. A removable cigarette-lighter adapter ensures that your player remains juiced during the lengthiest of road trips, and four preset buttons make station shuttling a breeze. The TuneFM even uses the iPod's screen to display the current frequency. Unfortunately, the device's FM transmitter was far too weak to deliver clear sound while we drove around San Francisco and the outlying Bay Area. On the plus side, you can detach the power adapter and use the transmitter with your home stereo with slightly better results--we got a clear signal if the iPod was lying right next to the stereo. Of course, if you're going to keep your player right next to your system anyway, why not just use an audio cable for the best possible results? For in-car listening, check out the DLO TransPod instead.