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Belkin SportCommand review: Belkin SportCommand

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The Good Makes it safer to adjust audio mid-activity. Water resistant, hand-washable and flexible. Remote can be strapped on an arm or hung from a clip.

The Bad You'll still need to be attached to your iPod via headphone cable. Buttons must be pressed hard. Expensive.

The Bottom Line It's pricey, but the SportCommand is a nifty way of keeping you and your iPod safe during sporting endeavours.

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7.5 Overall

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Editor's note: The RRP of the SportCommand has recently been lowered from $129.95 to $99.95.

iPod accessories for the fitness-focused set are nothing new; in the past six months, we've seen the Nike + iPod pedometer kit, and a watertight case from H2O Audio that lets you listen to your Nano while swimming in the deep blue sea.

Belkin's SportCommand is more general in its applications; it's a wireless controller that allows you to navigate through songs and adjust volume without having to lay a finger on your iPod's scroll wheel.

The SportCommand consists of two items: a flexible, battery-powered remote and a receiver that plugs into the charging port on the bottom of your iPod, iPod mini or Nano. The remote is covered in a water-resistant grey fabric, and sports five buttons -- volume up and down, track skip and rewind, and play/pause -- arranged in a cross shape. At the bottom is a plastic battery compartment -- pop in the lithium cell and twist the cap to seal it from the elements.

The remote can be strapped to your arm with the included velcro band, or hung from a belt loop with the carabiner clip. There's also a strap extender for those who are broad-of-bicep or prefer a Lara Croftian strapped-to-the-thigh look.

The receiver consists of a plastic rectangle (the size of a postage stamp, and around 7mm thick) that attaches to a dock connector with a short white cable. Annoyingly, the dock connector protrudes from the iPod at a right angle, making the receiver-and-player combination an awkward shape.

The remote will control your iPod whether it's stashed in a pocket, backpack or thick jacket. Before strapping it on and going in search of those exercise endorphins, you'll need to do a bit of playlist preparation in iTunes. There is no way to navigate through iPod menus using the remote, so you'll need to have a list of songs on your player that will last the length of your workout.

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