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Belkin iPod Media Reader

The Belkin iPod Media reader supports all types of storage cards and makes transferring and storing photos on the go a painless process.

Belkin iPod Media Reader

This device from Belkin creates perfect harmony between a digital camera and your iPod. Connect the media reader to the iPod, and it will copy digital photos from any storage card (CompactFlash, Secure Digital, SmartMedia, MultiMediaCard, or Memory Stick). Your iPod's hard drive stores the photos until the next time you sync to a PC or Mac, though Mac users will have the photos automatically imported into iPhoto. If you've ever had to carry around a laptop in order to dump photos from your camera, you'll quickly see why this is such a big deal for shutterbugs--especially the photographer on the go. The media reader requires four AAA batteries and is compatible with docking iPods only.

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