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Belkin Home Base review: Belkin Home Base

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The Good Adds four network USB ports. . Simple set-up. . Backup software included.

The Bad USB ports closely spaced together. . Backup software is very ordinary. . Advanced functions require installation of Control Center.

The Bottom Line Want to pump up your router's capabilities? Belkin's Home Base makes it simple — for a price.

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7.7 Overall

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Belkin's Home Base isn't much to look at. Amongst routers, that's an all too familiar story, but in the Home Base's case it's due to minimalism. The Home Base looks like a Mac Mini that's been shrunk in the wash. A tiny white box with the predictable but unreadable blinking lights on the front, four USB ports and an Ethernet port on the back.

We could wax more lyrically about the Home Base's design, but ... no, we couldn't. It's a simple white box, and that's all there is to it.


It might look like a tiny router, but the Home Base isn't a router at all. It's a bit more like adding a shot of steroids to your existing router's sharing capabilities. Plugged into a router, it'll add sharing of devices plugged into the four USB ports on the rear of the unit. The plug between router and Home Base doesn't even have to exist, as the Home Base supports 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi with WPS, although you should expect some performance hit if you can't directly connect the Home Base.

At a basic level, the Home Base will act as a simple file server from any connected USB drive to any PC or Mac on your network. To access its more complex features such as picture sharing, backup or print sharing, you'll need to install Belkin's Control Center software on to each computer that you want to access it.

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