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Beats by Dr Dre Tour review: Beats by Dr Dre Tour

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The Good Good sound quality; Powerful bass; Cable feels sturdy.

The Bad Earbuds are oddly shaped and may not fit very well.

The Bottom Line The Beats by Dr Dre Tours are great-sounding earphones that would make an excellent step-up from the default iPod or iPhone set. But the earbuds are curiously long, and might not fit in your ear too well, so be sure to try them out before buying.

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8.3 Overall

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We're oddly enamoured with the Beats line of audacious audio products -- Dr Dre and chums have churned out some endearing, bass-heavy headphones in the last few years. The Beats Tour earphones are the latest on the chopping block -- are they worth the £100 they'll set you back?

Playing all the tangles

In terms of styling, the Tours are recognisably of the Beats stable. The distinctive red cable is broad and flat, like a ribbon, which in our experience cuts down on tangling. So if -- like us -- you tend to screw your earphones into a ball before stuffing them into your pockets, they won't take so long to unwind once it's time to put them out again. The cable feels quite sturdy, so we're hopeful that they'll hold up to wear and tear in the long run.

The ControlTalk remote lets you pause your music and the integrated mic means you can take calls.

Dangling partway down the cable for the right earbud, you'll find a Beats ControlTalk remote. Ignore the fancy name, this is the same kind of in-line remote we've seen on lots of other in-ear headphones, though we still appreciate it.

If you're using an iPod, you can use the remote to control music playback, pausing or skipping track back and forth, and if you're using the Tours with an iPhone you can use the remote's built-in microphone to take calls.

Canal retentive

The earbuds themselves boast a striking design, with the signature Beats lower-case 'b' against an aluminium circle, but these are some of the weirdest shaped 'buds we've ever encountered. They're extremely long, which means that once you've stuck them into your lugholes, you might struggle to keep them stable in your ear canal.

For that reason, we'd recommend trying these headphones out before you buy them. We didn't have too many issues keeping them in our ears, but we imagine others might, so make sure you can get a tight, comfortable fit before throwing down your hard-earned dosh.

Because the Tours are quite long, they'll stick out of your ears a way (unless you have incredibly deep earholes), so the chances of them getting bashed out your ears on a crowded commute are increased.

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