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be.ez LAbesace Lime Drop review: be.ez LAbesace Lime Drop

be.ez LAbesace Lime Drop

Scott Stein Editor at Large
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Scott Stein
2 min read

If you own a nice new MacBook or MacBook Pro, it's a safe bet that style matters as much to you as function. Some bag makers--the smart ones--get this about Mac users. Be.ez, makers of the $89 LAbesace Lime Drop (don't ask us how to pronounce that--we have no idea either) shoulder bag, can safely be counted in the former category.


be.ez LAbesace Lime Drop

The Good

Waterproof nylon; reinforced shell; very stylish design.

The Bad

A little hard to handle; doesn't rest flat; minimalism might put off hardcore gear-luggers.

The Bottom Line

With a look as streamlined as the MacBook it's designed to carry, the Lime Drop's got city cool down pat, but don't expect it to do much more than carry your laptop and a few extra iGadgets.

Simple, curved, and nearly seamless, the sleek silvery-gray Lime Drop looks like a messenger bag from "Star Trek." There are no superfluous pockets or tags, not even a logo, creating a uniform unibody look that stylistically matches the aluminum MacBooks to a T. The bag's bottom curves upward, creating a permanent bulge that's intentional: the interior is reinforced to keep the bag's shape intact when carrying peripherals.

Instead of a buckle, the waterproof nylon exterior zips closed (the concealed zipper is waterproof as well). Inside is where its "Lime Drop" name kicks in, as the entire inner lining is made of blindingly bright neon yellow-green material. While very clubber-cool, some old-school and more rugged-going bag aficionados might want something less high-gloss.

An open laptop pocket with Velcro strap holds a 13- or 15-inch MacBook (we tested the Lime Drop 15, although a 13-inch version is also available). Adjacent to that are a second document pocket and a front compartment with pen and ID holders, and a small zippered pouch. The zip-over top flap has a diagonally zipping padded outer pocket, good for an iPhone, iPod, assorted keys, coins, or USB gadgets, and it has an inner zippered mesh pouch. The bag's rear has a side-zippering narrow pocket that's perfect for an AC adapter or cables.

The minimalism of the Lime Drop can be a little grating in real-world use: no handle on the bag (except for the slick thin shoulder strap) means you'll be grabbing at the slippery nylon exterior in a pinch, and while the concealed zipper closes the bag securely, accessing contents on the fly can be tricky when commuting. Because the bag's reinforced interior gives it a curved bottom, it doesn't rest flat--it will tip over unless it's laid horizontally.

Be.ez offers a one-year warranty on the Lime Drop.


be.ez LAbesace Lime Drop

Score Breakdown

Design 9Features 7Performance 0