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AVG Anti-Virus 7.5 Professional Single Edition review: AVG Anti-Virus 7.5 Professional Single Edition

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Within AVG Anti-Virus 7.5 Professional Single Edition, it's simple to navigate. The basic interface screen provides quick access to AVG's tool set along the left side, allowing you to scan the entire computer or select components, such as a CD or a floppy, with a couple of clicks. The terminology is a bit odd; for example, scans are conducted through the Test Center. For a quick tutorial on how to use the basic interface, see our CNET's AVG Anti-Virus 7.1 Free Edition feature.

The advanced interface is much more granular. For example, under basic, you can schedule a scan for only once a day; the advanced interface allows for more customization. But the advanced interface is less friendly; taller, narrower, it looks like a directory tree explorer than functional application. By selecting the toolbar choices across the top, however, you can configure Potentially Unwanted Program exceptions, change program settings, or access administrator options.

AVG Anti-Virus 7.5 Professional Single Edition scored near the bottom in most of our CNET labs real-world application testing. While performing an AVG Anti-Virus 7.5 Professional Single Edition scan, it took us 296 seconds to open our iTunes application, and 334 seconds to open Sorenson video compression.. On single-file scans, CA Anti-Virus 2007 came in at 290 seconds (very slow), but its boot time came in at 61 seconds (the second-fastest time). To see how AVG Anti-Virus 7.5 Professional Single Edition stacks up against the competition see our complete CNET 2007 antivirus performance test scores page.

In terms of protecting your PC, we refer readers to two leading independent antivirus testing organizations. In the latest test results from, AVG Anti-Virus 7.1 Professional Single Edition--the previous version--was one of six products to earn their Standard (second-highest) rating. And our second source of independent antivirus testing,, gave AVG Anti-Virus 7.1 Professional Single Edition a Standard rating (third-highest) by blocking 91 percent of the malicious code used in the test.

Grisoft provides AVG Anti-Virus 7.5 Professional Single Edition customers with e-mail technical support within the program; this option is unavailable in the free edition. Online, there are searchable FAQs with dozens of useful questions and answers on most topics, and there is also a downloadable 109-page technical manual which, unfortunately, lacks much depth as well as an index. There is no telephone technical support available.

For a little bit more money, we recommend the complete antivirus and antispyware protection found in Kaspersky Anti-Virus, which also offers a free edition under the name AOL Active Virus Shield.

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