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August Doorbell Cam Pro review: August's Doorbell Cam Pro sees who's there for a price

August's Doorbell Cam Pro adds in a floodlight to assist in low-light conditions, but is otherwise very similar to August's original smart buzzer.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
4 min read

The $199 Doorbell Cam Pro (roughly £155/AU$266 converted) is August's second-gen smart buzzer. With solid HD livestreaming, motion alerts, two-way audio and integration with Nest and Amazon Alexa, the Doorbell Cam Pro is competitive with Ring and SkyBell models. Almost


August Doorbell Cam Pro

The Good

August's $199 Doorbell Cam Pro offers HD livestreaming, motion detection, two-way talk, a built-in floodlight for low-light conditions and integration with Nest and Amazon Alexa devices.

The Bad

August charges $5 per month for cloud storage. The Doorbell Cam Pro's square shape won't fit on every doorframe and it's only compatible with mechanical chimes.

The Bottom Line

The Doorbell Cam Pro is a good choice, particularly if you've invested in other August products, but its higher cloud storage fees hurt its overall value.

Instead of offering night vision like its competition, this doorbell has an integrated LED floodlight to assist in low-light conditions. While this allows you to view the feed in color rather than gray scale, the video quality isn't as good as what you'd get with night vision. August also charges $5 per month for its cloud storage service. Ring's subscription is just $3 per month and SkyBell offers free cloud storage. And, at nearly 3 inches wide, this square August buzzer won't easily fit on a standard door frame. 

Still, August's Doorbell Cam Pro is a very good option -- especially if you want to use it with an August Smart Lock or Smart Lock Pro. If you don't, consider Ring's Video Doorbell 2 or the SkyBell HD instead.

August's smart video doorbell works with Amazon Alexa

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Comparing smart doorbells

August Doorbell Cam ProRing Video Doorbell 2SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Video DoorbellRing Video Doorbell Pro
Price $199/£155/AU$266$199/£155/AU$299$199/£155/AU$265$249/£195/AU$325
Color finish Silver, dark graySatin nickel, venetian (both finishes included with purchase)Brushed aluminum, oil rubbed bronzeSatin nickel, venetian, satin black, pearl white
Power source HardwiredHardwired or removable, rechargeable batteryHardwiredHardwired
Resolution 1,280×960p HD1,920x1080p HD1,920x1080p HD1,920x1080p HD
Field of view 120 degrees160 degrees180 degrees 160 degrees
Livestreaming YesYesYesYes
Cloud storage Yes, 30-day storage for $5 per monthYes, 60-day storage for $3 per monthYes, freeYes, 60-day storage for $3 per month
Mobile app Android and iPhoneYes, 60-day storage for $3 per monthAndroid and iPhoneAndroid and iPhone
Web app NoYesNoYes
Night vision No, built-in floodlightYesYesYes
Alerts MotionMotionMotionMotion
Activity zones NoYesNoYes
Dimensions (HxWxD) 2.9x2.9x0.9 inches5.1x2.5x1.1 inches2.8x2.8x0.9 inches4.5x1.9x0.8 inches
Third-party integrations Alexa; NestAlexa; IFTTT; WinkAlexa; IFTTT; NestAlexa; IFTTT; Wink
Operating temperature range -13 to 122 degrees F (-25 to 50 degrees C)-5 to 120 degrees F (-20 to 48 degrees C)-40 to 140 degrees F (-40 to 60 degrees C)-5 to 120 degrees F (-20 to 48 degrees C)

While the Doorbell Cam Pro's price is in-line with Ring's Video Doorbell 2 and the SkyBell HD, it has lower video resolution, a narrower field of view and a higher cloud storage fee. It also relies on integrated LEDs to provide light at night. The floodlight ensures that you can view your video in color rather than traditional night vision's gray scale, but the video clarity suffered somewhat. 

The Kuna and Toucan outdoor security cameras work similarly. Designed as porch light cameras, they borrow light from whatever bulb you're using instead of night vision tech. As a result, the quality of the live video feed often struggles in low-light conditions. 

Installation, configuration and performance

August's Android and iOS app makes it easy to install and set up your Doorbell Cam Pro. Simply download the app on your device of choice and follow the step-by-step instructions.


Test the doorbell after installation to make sure everything's online.

Screenshot by Megan Wollerton/CNET

The app will ask you what device you want to install and take you straight into the configuration process. Note: August wants you to connect your Doorbell Cam Pro to your local Wi-Fi network before you install it outside. Plug the included USB-compatible dock into a wall outlet and set your doorbell on it. A white pulsing light should appear; if it doesn't press the "reset" button on the back of the doorbell's faceplate. 

From there, you'll be instructed to both name your doorbell and the house where you installed it -- I named our doorbell "Front Door" and the house "CNET Smart Home." You'll then enter your Wi-Fi details and begin installation.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Shut off power to your doorbell at the circuit breaker
  2. Remove your old doorbell
  3. Attach the August mounting plate to the wall (Note: you may have to drill new holes first)
  4. Connect the two doorbell wires to the two wire terminals on the mounting plate
  5. Slide the faceplate onto the mounting plate
  6. Turn power back on at the circuit breaker

Go back to your doorbell and give it a try to make sure everything's properly connected. If your chime sounds, you're ready to start using your doorbell. Keep in mind that the Doorbell Cam Pro only works with mechanical chimes; digital chimes and intercom systems aren't supported.

Not sure if your buzzer wiring will work? Find out more here.

August's $199 Doorbell Cam Pro performed well throughout testing. The app is easy to navigate, the settings are easy to customize and the live feed and related motion alerts are responsive. Connecting the Doorbell Cam Pro to an Amazon Echo Show speaker is simple, too. Open the Alexa app, search for the August Smart Home skill (not to be confused with the August Home skill, which is exclusively for August smart locks). Select enable, enter login information for your August account and then say, "Alexa, show me the front door/whatever you named your doorbell." That way, you can view your camera's live feed on a slightly bigger screen.

You can also pair an August Smart Lock Pro or August Smart Lock to your doorbell so you can lock/unlock the door straight from the app's live screen.


A look inside the August app. Press the red dot at the bottom of the third screenshot to lock and unlock your door.

Screenshots by Megan Wollerton/CNET

Should you buy it?

August's $199 Doorbell Cam Pro is a good buzzer, made even better if you have a compatible August lock to add to the equation. If you don't, the Doorbell Cam Pro isn't the best choice. It has a lower resolution, a smaller field of view and a pricier cloud subscription than Ring and SkyBell. It's also the widest smart buzzer I've tested and its floodlight didn't work quite as well as traditional night vision technology. Consider the Ring Video Doorbell 2, SkyBell HD or even the $249 Ring Video Doorbell Pro if you're on the fence.


August Doorbell Cam Pro

Score Breakdown

Features 7Usability 8Design 6Performance 8