Quick Take: The Audiovox XV6600 for Verizon Wireless is similar to the Audiovox PPC6601 for Sprint PCS. Both devices are big and heavy, but they hide a full QWERTY keyboard behind a 3.5-inch screen, and they include plenty of features to catch the business user's eye, such as Bluetooth, ample memory (64MB of ROM and 128MB of RAM), an SDIO/MMC card slot, and a speakerphone. You also get a raft or organizer, as well as e-mail applications that operate on Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition and a 400MHz Intel PXA263 processor. Unfortunately, there's no integrated Wi-Fi, but the XV6600 can operate on Verizon's seminationwide EV-DO network.

Like the Sprint handset, the XV6600 comes in two versions, one with a camera and one without (both mobiles have the same name, however). The VGA camera includes autofocus and zoom capabilities and can record 30-second videos. Not surprisingly, you'll pay a few greenbacks ($549) for such a high-end smart phone.