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Audiovox D8000XP - DVD player review: Audiovox D8000XP - DVD player

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MSRP: $189.99

The Good An 8-inch swivel screen; USB port and SD/MMC/MS card slot for photos, video, and music; easy-to-use screen interface; slick rubberized coating; great battery life.

The Bad Subpar speakers; cumbersome battery attachment; very limited file support for USB/flash/disc playback; nonstandard USB port; loud tactile buttons.

The Bottom Line Some annoying design and feature shortfalls keep the Audiovox D8000XP from distinguishing itself from competing bargain portable DVD players.

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5.7 Overall
  • Design 6
  • Features 6
  • Performance 5

Review Sections

The Audiovox D8000IP offered the still novel hook of a built-in iPod dock--but it still fell short of what we'd like to see in a good portable DVD player. The D8000XP corrects some of the omissions of its big brother, but the smaller, cheaper step-down model loses the video iPod playback.

The Audiovox D8000XP is not as wide as the D8000IP, yet it carries the same weight--about 2 pounds. Its speakers are mounted directly below its 8-inch screen--even closer together, considering the XP's more compact design. The screen rotates 180 degrees and can even fold closed, screen-side up, for those who prefer tablet-style viewing. While the IP's outer casing gave the unit an overall cheaper feel, the D8000XP's rubberized black matte gives the player a certain sturdiness that its step-up counterpart was certainly lacking.

Baby got back: That huge protrusion (on the right) is the battery pack.

Unfortunately the design improvements end there, as the D8000XP also suffers from the same annoying protruding battery pack that sticks out the back of unit. Since the battery is actually the same size as the IP's, the unit looks even more ridiculous. By comparison, the Coby TF-DVD7307 manages to integrate its battery pack into the player's body. It's also worth noting that the directional buttons on the D8000XP give off a very loud click when pressed. We found it quite annoying and would imagine anyone sitting next to you on a bus or plane would find it equally unpleasant.

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