Audio Technica ATH-W1000 headphones review: Audio Technica ATH-W1000 headphones

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The Good Superb sound quality. Transparent sound. Stunning detail across the board. Bright without being harsh. Great design. Decent construction.

The Bad Cloth-wrapped cabling. Low-end presence isn't hugely prominent.

The Bottom Line Blistering sonic detail across the entire audio spectrum make these great reference headphones, but some may crave stronger bass.

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8.7 Overall

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Audio Technica's most high-end pair of headphones are the ATH-W5000, costing AU$1449. But if you just can't run to that cost, try the ATH-W1000s — closed-back, reference grade cans aimed for indoor use. They may be just what you're looking for and cost a comparatively meagre AU$649.

Solid wooden enclosures house these headphones, yet don't add the heft you might expect — the W1000s are still fairly lightweight. Inside the cans sit luxurious earcups, which are both exceptionally soft and comfortable for long periods, particularly as they press only very gently against the skull.

In fact, the headphones on the whole offer decent comfort. They're modelled after the W5000s and as such, don't offer quite the same level of comfort as Denon's AH-D5000s, but the ergonomic and padded headband work with the comfy earcups to deliver an enjoyable fit.

A 3m oxygen-free cable comes with a 6.3mm gold-plated plug fitted as standard and is wrapped in a tough cloth. Cloth is more prone to wear and tear in time if not carefully cared for and as headphones can last years we're not fond of this quality.

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