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Audeo PFE-122 Perfect Fit Earphones review: Audeo PFE-122 Perfect Fit Earphones

Audeo PFE-122 Perfect Fit Earphones

Jasmine France Former Editor
3 min read


Audeo PFE-122 Perfect Fit Earphones

The Good

The Phonak Audeo Perfect Fit Earphones offer a unique design that fits securely and comfortably; sound quality is great; and there are a lot of extras in the package.

The Bad

The Audeo Perfect Fit Earphones' bass may not be thumping enough for some.

The Bottom Line

The Phonak Audeo Perfect Fit Earphones are an excellent choice for anyone looking for clear and balanced audio, a secure and comfortable fit, and a useful array of extras. All in all, they're a great value for the money.

It's not unusual for a product manager to overexaggerate certain aspects of the gadgets he or she is representing, which is why reviewers are quick to learn to take everything with a grain of salt. When the hyperbole extends to the actual name of the product, expectations tend to increase at least incrementally. Such is the case with Phonak's Audeo Perfect Fit Earphones, a uniquely designed set of earbuds with an impressive array of features and a fair price ($139 for the standard MP3 player version; $159 for the music-phone model with the built-in mic). We can't be certain they'll actually fit everyone perfectly, but we can say with confidence that our reviewers found them to be exceptionally secure and reasonably comfortable. Even better, they offer great bang for your buck in terms of features and sound quality.

The design of the Audeo Perfect Fit Earphones earpieces is a bit difficult to describe in words. They are somewhat of a modified L shape, with a step-down into the ear. Needless to say, the 'buds are exceptionally compact and the funky shape seems to mesh well with most ear shapes. To further help users achieve a secure and comfortable fit, Phonak includes a set of foam tips and three sets of silicone ones in small, medium, and large sizes. (The 'phones are also compatible with Comply Foam Tips.) The package also contains a pair of bendy, plastic earloops that can be attached to the cable near the earpieces; pop them on, and you're set for even the most rigorous activity.

As mentioned, the Audeo Perfect Fit Earphones come in two versions. Both feature the same thick, 30-inch cord originating from a gold straight plug. This then splits into a thinner, 15-inch Y-cable that terminates in the two earpieces. The Y features a slider that helps prevent tangles when the headphones are not in use. However, the music phone version (PFE 122) also features a tiny module with a mic and call-answer button integrated into the right cable; the standard model (PFE 112) does not offer this. All the other extras, however, are the same. There's a nice, dual-pocket carrying case; a tool to clean off earwax; and a filter-changing kit that includes three sets of extra filters.

What immediately strikes us with the Audeo Perfect Fit Earphones is how clear and balanced the audio comes through. No instrument or frequency overpowers another. Bass is tight and thumpy, but it's not the super boomy low-end that you tend to get from moderately priced earphones that are trying to overcompensate for what stock earbuds lack in that area. That being said, the PFE also doesn't come as close to mimicking the enveloping bass you get from a full-size set. However, the high-end clarity and detail is quite exceptional given the price range of the earphones, with cymbals and hi-hats sounding sparkly. Similarly, mids are warm and buttery without being too forward. Male vocals, in particular, sound great.

In the final analysis, we were highly impressed with this offering from Phonak. The Perfect Fit Earphones are comfortable, fit securely, come with a nice array of extras, and offer top-notch sound quality. They should be a prime choice in the sub-$150 category. The earphones are currently only available for purchase through the Audeo Web site.


Audeo PFE-122 Perfect Fit Earphones

Score Breakdown

Design 8Features 9Performance 8