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Atdec Slimdec Traveler review: Atdec Slimdec Traveler

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The Good Easily adjustable; lightweight.

The Bad Made for laptops weighing less than 6.6 pounds.

The Bottom Line Lightweight, portable and adjustable, the Slimdec Traveler is a good choice for travelers who need a laptop stand on the road.

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6.8 Overall

Atdec Slimdec Traveler

Lightweight, collapsible, highly adjustable, and affordable, the $54 Atdec Slimdec Traveler is a portable notebook stand you can take on the road. It weighs only 1.3 pounds and will fit easily into your laptop bag. It also comes with its own protective travel pouch. The Slimdec has four height levels, and you can raise or lower the front legs of the stand for further customization. Although the stand was stable when we tested it with an 8-pound laptop, the manufacturers recommend that you use it with laptops weighing only 6.6 pounds or less. The Slimdec features rubber pads that grip the computer and add stability to the workstation, as well as a base with a ventilation hole to allow for cooling.

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