Meet the world's thinnest convertible -- the ZenBook Flip S UX370. Announced Monday at Asus' press event at Computex in Taipei, the laptop has a 13.3-inch 4K touchscreen display that flips around.

The ZenBook Flip S is a convertible that features four modes: Laptop, Tent, Presentation and Tablet, and weighs in at just 1.1 kilograms. It will go for $1,099, which roughly converts to £855 or AU$1,480. It runs Windows 10 and has an Asus Pen for writing and drawing using Windows Ink. To log in quickly, there's a fingerprint sensor like the ones you find on smartphones.


The Flip S can be used like a tablet that's propped up as well.

Aloysius Low/CNET

Besides its impressive light weight and slim profile, the laptop also packs two USB Type-C ports and Intel's seventh-generation Core i7-7500 processor that promises great performance. Unlike the ZenBook Pro though, the Flip S lacks discrete graphics, so don't expect to do heavy gaming with this.

What you can expect is a gorgeous 4K display on what Asus is calling the thinnest convertible ever made. At under 11mm (0.43 inches) thick, it's hard to argue with their claims. Getting a quick hands-on with it showed those hinges were going to pull their weight, seamlessly folding away and supporting the screen at any angle.

It also partners with the Asus Stylus, which means Windows Ink compatibility gets very interesting. And for what it's worth, Asus' claims of three-times faster boot speeds from standby seemed to hold up under the hot lights on the show floor.

Key specs

  • Intel Core i7-7500 processor
  • 10.9 mm thick, 1.1 kg
  • Four user modes
  • Two USB Type-C ports
  • $1,099 (around £855 or AU$1,480)

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