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Asus PL30Jt review: Asus PL30Jt

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The Good Decent power in a thin form factorFantastic battery lifeOverclockable.

The Bad 2.4GHz 802.11n onlyHuge amounts of crapware.

The Bottom Line Considering the features, design and thinness, the PL30Jt makes its mark as an excellent thin-and-light laptop. If you're looking for mid-range and portability, definitely check this one out.

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8.5 Overall

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Carrying on in aesthetics from the excellent UL series, the PL30Jt is Asus' mid-range 13-inch laptop, decked out in a combination of black plastic and brushed aluminium.

It has a 1366x768 matte screen — somewhat of a rarity on the shelves these days, and between the left and right mouse buttons is the most stealthy fingerprint reader we've seen. Beneath this are some rather useless status indicators, in that they're on the lip of the laptop, making them completely invisible to the user unless they lower their heads or raise the laptop to eye level.

With a Core i5 UL520 @ 1.06GHz (up to 1.86GHz with Turbo Boost), the PL30Jt has a bit more power than the UL series of yore. This is combined with 4GB RAM, a 500GB hard drive and a GeForce 310M that supports Optimus technology to save on battery life. It also has an overclock button built-in, although this requires a restart when switching between off and on modes.

Using CPU-Z, the overclock was revealed as bumping the bus from 133MHz to 177MHz, giving an increase in performance (with the CPU clocking up to around 2.4GHz) but decrease in battery life.

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